About Garmin Guidance feature


Faster routing and map displays
Faster, more intuitive destination searches
See and select businesses on map (no need to page through menus)
Subscription-free traffic – live updates, re-route options, traffic cameras
photoReal™ junction view highlights proper lane for interchanges and exits
Park position recall finds your car
Speed limit indicator
Automatic volume control
Exit Services – know what you'll find when you exit the highway
Voice-activated navigation for hands-free operation (nüvi 2495 and 2595)
One Shot address entry (nüvi 2495 and 2595)
One Shot point of interest searches (nüvi 2495 and 2595)
Garmin Guidance 2.0 is an advanced navigation engine with a faster, more intuitive user interface to enhance the speed and accuracy of searches and routing for everyday driving. Guidance 2.0 is featured on nüvi 2400 and nüvi 2500 series personal navigators.


Includes all the features of Guidance 2.0 plus:

Digital 3D Traffic provides updates every 30 seconds
InstaSearch for faster spelling searches
InstaRoute loads maps faster than ever
Pinch-to-zoom multi-touch interaction
Automatic dual-screen orientation (horizontal/vertical)
Bird's eye lane guidance highlights proper lane with overhead perspective
myTrends™ anticipates your destination based on your driving habits
SafeText reader – receive and hear texts without taking your eyes off the road
Voice-activated navigation for hands-free operation (nüvi 3495)
One Shot address entry (nüvi 3495)
One Shot point of interest searches (nüvi 3495)
Garmin Guidance 3.0 is our most advanced navigation engine. It includes all the features of Guidance 2.0 plus predictive routing and the world's best traffic avoidance system to make everyday driving easier. Digital 3D Traffic provides traffic updates every 30 seconds, which is 4 to 10 times faster than other traffic systems on the market. Guidance 3.0 is featured on nüvi 3400 series personal navigators.

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