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    Wink how to create your own POIs

    1.- In mapsource you create waypoints where you want to have your POI´S, and then you save them as .GPX files.

    2.-you have to plug in your GPS to the PC and run POI loader

    3.-It must recce your device, then you click on next, then choose manual, and then click on browse, you search your .GPX files.

    4.-In the next screen you choose warning type (distance or speed) and gives it value.

    5.-click on next and your POI´s will be installed in the folder GARMIN/POI´s of your SD card

    You will be aware that you are not allow to modify them, if you want modify your POI´s you have to restart the process again and do it in the mapsource.

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    Default Poi's

    Is a good place to get poi's from
    be aware you can use also csv poi files and together with wav or somtimes mp3 you
    have a sound or warning with your upcoming poi.




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