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    ☼ADMIN☼ How to create  custom POIs for your Garmin GPS
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    Default How to create custom POIs for your Garmin GPS

    How to create custom POIs for your Garmin GPS

    Firstly you must create a working directory on your pc-
    Spoiler: CLICK
    Run Mapsource and ,in the left side ,click on waypoints tab (all categories)


    click then find

    then find places
    fill all the infos in spaces and click find

    highlight the one you need as a poi ,then click
    make waypoint.
    Repeat the procedure for all other POIs you want-
    You'll have your POIs list in the left panel


    save your list with a name you want as .gpx in your created working directory.

    Connect your device to your pc
    open Poiloader --

    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    it will find your device
    and it will open a window , click next, browse to reach your working directory path
    and your created POIs
    Use express mode-
    Click next , it will load POIs on your gps
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