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    Back in 2017 this site went down and some members left, it might of been something to do with Garmin or Tom Tom, so this is the possible reason NO Garmin/TT maps are to be uploaded.
    But you may talk as much as your like on the subject on what to do and how to fix it. You may say you need to find xxxxyyyzzz.exe online and once the member has it from outside you can talk them through it. BUT no Maps to be uploaded.
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    Dear All,

    I make my own maps using sources such as openstreet map for basic backgrounds and than use my own soundings, tracks and points to create detailed maps that are not covered by any official map that is sold. my maps are actually usable with reefs, coral heads, unmarked passage, passes and FADs are indicated.
    Garmin no longer allows custom maps on it's marine series and it therefore requires users like me to patch my devices to allow for my maps to be viewed on the devices!

    my 2 cents.



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