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    Default nuvi 2598 not being detected by PC after firmware update

    Hi. I posted this last week in the GarminCure3 thread but haven't had any replies, so I apologize if that was the wrong place to post in.

    I have a nuvi 2598LMTHD, firmware version 510, HWID 1582.

    The other day I went to update it with Garmin Express as I hadn't done so in a while. I plugged it into PC, it was detected immediately like usual, and Garmin Express said there were both map and firmware updates. I installed the map updates and then began installing the firmware update. At some point during the firmware update, it asked me to disconnect and reboot the GPS. After I did that, my computer was no longer detecting the GPS. I'm pretty sure one or more files were corrupted somehow.

    I've managed to flash it with the cure firmware, the computer started detecting it again and I could see the device files in explorer. I don't know which files are corrupt so I was going to format it with RMPrepUSB. This is where I'm running into trouble. For some reason it's being assigned three drive letters. E (7.04 GB), G (127 MB) and H which says "Please Insert A Disk" when I click it. Shouldn't it only have one volume/drive letter, and if so how can I fix this? I can't delete the volumes with Windows Disk Management.

    I've formatted both individual volumes with RMPrepUSB, but as soon as I use updater.exe to flash the original firmware back, the computer stops detecting it again.

    I'd appreciate any help.

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    ☼ADMIN☼ nuvi 2598 not being detected by PC after firmware update
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    Probably you have set badly RMPrepUSB
    Try this tool to merge the partitions:
    Please Login or Register to see the links
    then follow this:
    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
    You have to navigate to get to the good.

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