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Method 4

After unrar Garmin.rar and placed the 2 files namely gupdate.gcd and update.txt in a micro SD, then I unrar the 113201000390.rar and dragged it over the updater.exe, after putting the nuvi in pre-boot mode, I clicked “OK”.
And it didn't generate a file called 'last_id.bin' on the card and there was no a folder called 1131, did I do something wrong?
Yes it's wrong if you did it as you wrote above because if that's what you've done it's not what i said to do with Garmin.rar, i.e.: "extract it onto the card so that Garmin folder and gupdate.gcd are in the root of the card". The update.txt file needs be inside 1132 folder which is inside Updater folder which is inside Garmin folder. i.e SD:\Garmin\Updater\1132\update.txt. Extract the Garmin.rar file directly onto the card as i said and everything will be placed as it should be.

However if what you wrote about placing 'the 2 files namely gupdate.gcd and update.txt in a micro SD' was wrong and you have in fact followed the correct procedure then clearly your unit is unable to use SD commands even with a modified boot.bin. In that case you must wait for kunix or another of our Software Experts to post as i cannot help any further with flashing because it seems the unit is unable to write to [i.e. flash] most regions. So if it's internal flash memory is damaged and essential regions of it are unable to be flashed then your unit is only good for parts. It seems it cannot flash properly because your firmware [Software] version is still being reported above as Version 2.60 even though there have been numerous flash attempts with V3.00 and 3.90. Perhaps is is able to flash some regions [rgn 5 for example because it accepts the boot.bin] but that's not enough.