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    Global Moderator Dead zumo 550...
    Dead zumo 550...
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    I bought a bricked zumo 550 off eBay. The unit was and still is fully dead:

    - No response to the power button
    - No response to an external power source (power net adapter)
    - No response to a USB cable (also not when battery removed)
    - No response to pressing the power button and the '+' button simultaneously
    - No fix after removing and reinserting the battery
    - No fix after briefly shorting the internal battery (see post #8)
    - The replaceable 3.7 V battery has a voltage of 2.6 V (2x)
    - The three battery contacts inside the battery compartment show a voltage of 4.7 and 5.0 V when the unit is connected to an external power source
    - The internal non-replaceable battery (second last picture in post #8) shows good voltage (can't remember anymore exact value and I don't feel like opening up the unit again just to check)

    Any other suggestions besides using the zumo as a paper weight?


    Quote Originally Posted by smokefree View Post
    - The replaceable 3.7 V battery has a voltage of 2.6 V (2x)
    After 24 hrs charging, the battery voltage now reads 3.9 V (2x).
    Tried the "short circuit trick" again, but still no luck.
    Gave me the opportunity to measure the internal battery voltage: 3.1 V.
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    Default Short circuit trick

    Tried the same, no go - screen still dark.


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