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    Default Nuvi 310/360/370 Software Versions Summary

    Old firmware, could not find any thread

    nuvi 310/360/370 + 310/360/370 MLC

    HWID = 566

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    HWID = 856

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    Changes made from version 5.10 to 5.20:

    Fixed problem where certain voices could sound garbled.
    Fixed issue that could occur working with Safety Cameras.
    Corrected Eniwetok Time Zone.
    Corrected Spanish punctuation marks.
    Fixed issue where road names were not showing for Athens map.
    Added Flemish voice support.
    Fixed issue with adding traffic subscriptions for Italian and French.
    Fixed issue that could occur with address searches.
    Fixed issue with Currency Converter rounding improperly.
    Fixed issue when pressing Play or Dial button for a TourGuide.
    Fixed issue when using the Near button to dial a POI.

    Changes made from version 5.00 to 5.10:

    Added Altech Netstar South African traffic support

    Changes made from version 4.70 to 5.00:

    Enhanced compatibility with PC Applications.

    Changes made from version 4.60 to 4.70:

    Fixed issue where fleet management interface messages can get stuck in the outbox
    Improve handling of the situation where overlapping map data is present on the device.

    Changes made from version 4.50 to 4.60:

    Corrected issue with Retail Map Update compatibility

    Changes made from version 4.40 to 4.50:

    Corrected handling of Yard compatible Voices

    Changes made from version 4.30 to 4.40:

    Correct a problem with the Detour function locking up
    Corrected translations of Go Home
    Updated Traffic Translations

    Changes made from version 3.90 to 4.30:

    Fixed problem with the same map existing in two regions
    Updated traffic translations
    Fixed issue with backlight when position is north of the Arctic Circle
    Fixed issue with ejecting device from a Mac computer
    Added notification to make reservation in advance at lodging establishments to receive discounts with Savers Guide
    Fixed street name display with special characters (l', d')
    Fixed issue with saving settings when Locale is selected as 'Other'
    Fixed issue where road name was sometimes used instead of highway number
    Added traffic support for UAE and Australia
    Updated the locations of the Garmin waypoints
    Fixed issue with British National Grid coordinates
    Update currency converter data
    Added African time zones
    Fixed issue where traffic delays were showing 1min.
    Fixed issue with incorrect scrolling in Point Of Interest
    Fixed issue with Audible Books that caused shutdowns
    Added Asian languages [Mandarin (China), Japanese, Mandarin (Taiwan), Korean, Thai, Taiwanese, Cantonese], Arabic, Luxembourgish, Catalan, and Afrikaans
    Resolved issue with map update reminder
    Fixed issue with max volume to stop over driving the speakers and blowing them out
    Fixed issue where dense roads with Cyclops cameras were starving unit

    Changes made from version 3.80 to 3.90:

    Updated Lithuanian text translations
    Corrected issue that could cause the unit to shutdown during some searches for cities and streets
    Corrected issue that could prevent proper startup when custom POI files contain a large number of bitmaps

    Changes made from version 3.60 to 3.80:

    Added support for Brazilian Portuguese, Bulgarian, Lithuanian, Romanian, and Serbian pre-recorded voices. Download voices using WebUpdater.

    Changes made from version 3.50 to 3.60:

    Fixed Extended Postal Code searching used in Great Britain

    Changes made from version 3.40 to 3.50:

    Removed + when dialing POI's in the United States
    Updated the US Daylight Saving Time for 2007

    Changes made from version 3.30 to 3.40:

    Increased hands-free volume
    Updated text translations
    Added support for Russian, Turkish, Slovak, and Estonian Pre-recorded voices
    Added Russian locale

    Changes made from version 3.20 to 3.30:

    Fixed an address search problem with City Navigator Europe v9 map

    Changes made from version 3.10 to 3.20:

    Added support for importing M3U playlists. Place M3U playlist in the same directory as your music. From the MP3 player, touch Browse -> Import Playlist. Touch the playlist you want to import, and the songs are loaded in that order.
    Added SMS / Text Message Support for compatible phones
    Added support for reading messages with TTS voices
    Changed the safety camera alarm rate
    Fixed a demo unit localization problem
    Default to the full demo wizard
    Added Lithuanian (in progress, partial translation) text language support
    Made dealer requested translation changes
    Show ferry lines on the map
    Fixed a picture viewer bug
    Added High-capacity SD card support
    Fixed the display of coordinates on the review page
    Fixed a British Grid Problem on the Coordinates page
    Fixed a Traffic page problem where distances where not always shown

    Changes made from version 2.90 to 3.10:

    Improved the Bluetooth firmware update process

    Changes made from version 2.80 to 2.90:

    Improved the calculation of long routes and avoiding highways
    Improved coordinate entry find method
    Improved vehicle load times on vehicle page
    Fixed potential routing problems in areas with overlapping maps
    Removed off-road bearing line
    Updated text language translations
    Added verification step to Garmin Lock Pin entry
    Fixed traffic list and detour button interaction
    Adjusted the Bluetooth Audio parameters
    Removed the audio tone for proximity points while a call is active

    Changes made from version 2.70 to 2.80:

    Added menu option to change splash screen that was taken out in 2.70
    Fixed route review page: correctly draw the new turn
    Added minor translation fixes for Swedish and French

    Changes made from version 2.40 to 2.70:

    Added Estonian text language
    Added Croatian, Greek, and Slovenian Pre-recorded Voices
    Added support for GPS-Buddy
    Added support for MPC maps
    Added fix for MPC map and Garmin map interaction
    Improved multiple map searching
    Added support for Safety Cameras
    Improved MP3 player: increase maximum number of MP3s to 1000
    Changed to make update procedure consistent with other GARMIN products
    Added fix for long routes
    Updated text translations
    Added fix for ferry avoidance
    Added fix for coordinate entry
    Added fix for powering on from charge mode with GTMxx connected
    Added a pause to audible books during a phone call
    Improved the Bluetooth software update process

    Changes made from version 2.30 to 2.40:

    Fixed a map recognition problem on units with multiple maps

    Changes made from version 210 to 230:

    Fixed a night mode bug on the GPI review page
    Improved the Bluetooth devices search feature
    Improved the performance of the call history page
    Fixed a long favorites name bug
    Added Polish and Hungarian pre-recorded voices
    Fixed a MP3 playback issue
    Modified the off-road map page fields
    Fixed a Bluetooth Software update problem
    The MP3 browser now saves the list index when the user hits back
    Added GPI Tour Guide support
    Added a media (Audible/MP3) shortcut on map page when one or the other is playing
    Fixed Australian POI dial bug
    Added an alpha keyboard for DTMF tones during an active call
    Fixed a bug with Custom POI proximity alerts
    Added a Where to? -> coordinates button for creating waypoints using lat/long
    Fixed a mapsource GPX compatibility issue
    Fixed a units and position localization bug
    Improved Bluetooth firmware update speed
    Fixed a pre-recorded voices display bug
    Fixed a locale time zone bug
    Add support for more special connection Bluetooth phones
    Several Garmin lock fixes
    Enabled Call waiting
    Several traffic bug fixes
    Improvements made to MP3 playback
    Added the model number to the system info page
    Fixed a find near destination bug for long routes
    Fixed a GPI symbol bug
    Improved demo mode
    Improved the resolution of the splash screen
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