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    Default change HWID 1091 to HWID 0827

    Hi :
    Greetings from Argentina, South America! Maradona country!
    In Argentina market two models Nuvi 205w
    with HWID 1091 failure (problems with POI's voices, conflict between the POI audio and audio POI map)
    with HWID 0827 not fail
    is possible change HWID 1091 to HWID 0827?
    Please send me instructions.
    Thanks in advance

    HWID 1091, software 2.00m, fail
    HWID 0827, software 4.10b, not fail
    HWID 1091, software 2.00m, fail
    HWID 0827, software 4.10bm, fail

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    ☼ADMIN☼ change HWID 1091 to HWID 0827
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    No sorry but this is the reply given from gpspassion's neadrenalin to the same question:
    "Is it posible to change HWID 1091 to 0827 on Nuvi 255w?
    No, those devices have totally different memory map, and you will damage your device
    Stop thinking about changing for it!"
    You have to navigate to get to the good.

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