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    news Garmin has announced the zumo 396 LMT-S

    Garmin has announced the zumo 396 LMT-S.

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    zumo 396 LMT-S | Motorcycle GPS | Garmin
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    I bought one in January 2019. Big mistake. Took it on a 4200 miles ride and it changed routes that I had entered with numerous shaping points, forgot about 50% of the track, and twice when ~1000 miles from home rebooted on its own (no power issue, and it has its own battery, anyway). When I returned home it was removed from our '06 GL1800 and replaced with my old StreetPilot 2730.

    The 396 is quite awkward to use, and the Bluetooth struggled to work with my Sena SMH5 after the first day. Although it started out over-riding the intercom with directions, the second day I had to tap the intercom button on the headset like switching between riders, and later even that would fail 50% of the time. Back to the 2730 through the bike's Aux port and speakers!

    396 advantages: #1, can hold entire USA/Canada map #2 brighter screen #3 has nicer voice #4 very slightly larger screen. 2730 advantages #1 reliable #2 MapSource or Basecamp routes with sufficient shaping points will be followed #3 if off-route, will direct you (if auto or agreed to recalc) to next shaping point, and if told not to recalc will show direction and distance back to route #4 voice output through bike's Aux much more reliable and easy to adjust volume #5 avoidance setups work and the interface is much better.

    If Garmin had just added faster processor, brighter screen, and more memory to the 2720/30, they would have had a GREAT motorcycle GPS!
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