Free West Malaysia Topo GPS Map: MFM-SRTM v1.02 (31 Mar 09)


* Fixed map to work with MFMv1.51 and later
* Tweaked map zoom level
* Added option to include or exclude colored contour polygons

* Filled gap between maps
* Added contours for Langkawi
* Added colored contour polygons
* Added option to make standalone Mapsource mapset and new gmapsupp.img

Download MFM-SRTM.exe and install the map files into the folder where you have installed your MFM routable mapset. Our default folder is C:\Garmin\Malfreemaps. At the end of the installation, use the MFMTopo program to add the topo maps into your gmapsupp.img

MFM-SRTM Map is designed to complement MFM's routable road maps. To view topo contours together with MFM main maps, install MFM v1.30 or later first. When you install MFM-SRTM, select "Add-on to MFM main mapset" as installation type.

SRTM 90m digital elevation data version 4 from CGIAR-CSI. The original SRTM data released by USGS had been improved tremendously using new interpolation algorithms and better auxiliaty DEMs. The result is the elimination of most data voids or holes.

MFM's SRTM topo map comprises contours with 10m intervals. Intermediate contours are spaced at 100m and major contours at 500m. This may not conform to the guideline of intermediate contours being 5x and major contours 10x of regular intervals but I find this configuration best both in terms of display and map file size.

Also, contour lines start only after 100m. This removes contour lines from urban areas and saves a lot of map space. The topo map is a handy 25MB in size.

OPTION TO CUSTOMIZE YOUR OWN TOPO MAP If you prefer your own topo map, you can compile your own using the Map ID of 60005010 or 60005020. Overwrite the original maps.


* Can I use this map if I have another brand of GPS or navigational device?
No. MFM map current supports only Garmin devices.
* Can I combine MFM-SRTM with MFM road map?
Of course!
* Can I combine MFM-SRTM with maps from Malsingmaps?
You cannot view the topo lines and MSM maps together in Mapsource. MFM-SRTM can be made to work with MSM maps with some tweaking.
* Why does the contour polygons cover some roads in Mapsource?
Mapsource is not designed to handle multiple layers of maps. It gets confused when maps overlap. Below are the steps to make roads appear on top of contour polygons:
1. Go to the location you like to view (e.g. Cameron Highlands)
2. Zoom in until the minor 10m interval contours are displayed
3. Exit Mapsource and run it again
4. Mapsource should display roads on top of contour polygons now
* Will contour polygons cover roads on my GPS device?
No. Contour polygons will be in the background.

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