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    topo USGS Topographic Maps Library - Alaska

    A few months ago I said that I would up a mapset of USGS topo maps for the state of Alaska.
    Well, I'm finally getting around to doing it.
    Here are the particulars:

    This contains a library of USGS Topographic Maps of the State of Alaska.
    1:63,360, 1:25k and 1:250k and maybe a few other scales.

    A GPS can be used with it.
    I have used several Garmin models with it.
    Others brands can also be used.

    You can download data from the GPS to to the application and data from the application to the GPS.

    YOU CANNOT UPLOAD MAPS to the GPS with this application.

    I have used this mapset on Win98SE, WinXP, WinVista and Win7.
    Supposedly it will also work on Win8.
    But, I have not verified that for myself.

    All the enclosed archives [*.tar & *.7z.00x] were created with and can be opened by the freeware "7-Zip File Manager".

    The 1st folder ["USGS Topographic Maps Library - Alaska"] containes;

    1. this READ ME text file,

    2. a copy of the "All Topo Maps: Alaska!" User Manual,

    3. a JPEG of the "All Topo Maps: Alaska!" mapset cover, and

    4. a tarball archive of the 11 part 7-Zip archive of the mapset and extras.

    The 11 part 7-Zip archive contains the 11 CD mapset installation disc and map data discs in ISO form. They can be mounted or burned to CDs for use.
    A JPEG of each disc is included with each iso file for printable CDs.

    Installation of the application, updating it and accessing the maps is explained in the user manual and very basically on the JPEGs of the disc faces.

    Inside the 7-Zip archive:

    Folder 01 contains the 11 CD mapset installation and data disc ISOs.

    Folder 02 contains the updates that are also found on Disc - 01a

    Folder "03 - All Topo" contains 4 folders:

    "Big Topo",


    "CACHE" and


    These folders are backups of Stitched maps and other data from my usage of the mapset.
    If memory serves me corectly, they will open up 1:63,360, 1:25k &/or 1:50k scale maps for printing 11" X 17" format maps on 13" X 19" paper.

    They correspond to folders found in the installation root directory and can be copied into the root directory merging them with the installed folders to see what the Big Topo map stitcher is capable of.

    And finally, copies of the same files [ manual, READ ME and cover JPEG] as found inside the 1st folder.

    You can download the User manual and study it before downloading the entire mapset to see if you actually want to download it.

    The torrent files can be downloaded here:

    Please Login or Register to see the links
    And here:

    Please Login or Register to see the links

    I have a better VPN now. I'm not constantly being disconnected like I was before.
    But, I'm still capped at 1Mbps upload by my ISP.
    I will try to keep uploading as consistently as possible.

    These are not Garmin specific maps.
    But, I have only used Garmin GPSs with it.

    The mapset is uploaded and in the wild.
    It should download much faster now that there are more seeders.

    A personal observation:
    Only a fool would go into the wild armed with only a GPS for navigation.
    The wise backcountry traveler will always carry maps and compass, and know how to use them, as a backup for their favorite technology.
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