CityXplorer - Cape Town, South Africa 2013.10 (FID 800)

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City Public Transportation

. Bus
. Metro Railway

Other Features

. Includes the same detailed street data and information found in City Navigator® maps; powered by NAVTEQ..

. Displays the latest roads and points of interest, including hotels, restaurants, parking, entertainment, fuel, shopping and more.

. Gives turn-by-turn directions on your compatible device.

. Includes detailed route information, including turn restrictions, roundabout guidance, speed limits and Lane Assist (on compatible devices), and other navigational features.

. Features enhanced pedestrian navigation, which makes it easy to get around town via public transportation - walking, train, tram, bus, subway, taxi or a combination of options - on compatible devicesą (Not all forms of public transportation are available on all cityXplorer products. Check compatibility.)

About Coverage

Includes detailed road maps and points of interest for the city of Cape Town, South Africa, with the ability to navigate using buses, tramway, metro and suburban rail systems (where available. Not all cities include all public transit types).

Includes detailed coverage for the greater Cape Town area, including Cape Town International (CPT) airport, and the cities of:

. Grassy Park
. Newlands
. Durbanville
. Belleville
. Blackheath
. And More

IMG file Cape Town, South Africa 2013.10 (FID 800)
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