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    ☼ADMIN☼ Carte Blanche Ukraine Map V. 2011.03
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    Default Carte Blanche Ukraine Map V. 2011.03

    Carte Blanche Ukraine Map V. 2011.03

    2011 03 0.en

    •Automatic route calculation with regard of Traffic regulations
    •Total length of road coverage: 427 500 km
    •Detailed coverage of settlements: 45.3% of the Ukrainian population, or 413 settlements, including 109 cities, in particular, all regional centers and all cities with more than 180 000 inhabitants; almost all of this coverage (40.7% of population) includes address search
    •Building footprints and building numbers: 34.5% of population
    •3D buildings (elevated footprints): 11.5% of population
    •Detailed coverage of all settlements in Boryspil, Brovary, Kyiv–Svyatoshyn, Obukhiv and Vasylkiv Districts (rayons) of Kyiv Region (oblast)
    •Detailed coverage of the in-block passages in the majority of the residential districts in Kyiv and in many other cities
    •Time dependent driving restrictions
    •Lane Information – available for Kyiv–Boryspil’ highway and for a number of intersections in Kyiv
    •Signpost information – available for Kyiv–Boryspil’ highway
    •Basic coverage of the road network without street naming and address search: most settlements with more than 5 000 inhabitants
    •A large number of grade-separated intersections
    •A large number of unpaved roads
    •Number of POIs: more than 62 200, a lot of them contain contact information
    •Railways, forests, parks, rivers, streams, channels, lakes and seas
    •Languages: Ukrainian and English
    •Updates are issued on a trimestrial basis

    Coverage between cities

    Coverage between cities includes the roads between all the Ukrainian settlements, as well as a large number of unpaved roads, railways, forests, rivers, lakes and seas:


    The map also contains a large number of road junctions, both in the settlements and between them:

    Signposts with lane information are provided on the Kyiv–Boryspil’ highway:


    Coverage of settlements and address search

    Detailed coverage with street names and address search is also available for the settlements in which live more than 40.7% of the Ukrainian population, including, in particular, all regional centers and all cities with more than 180 000 inhabitants. More than thee fourth of this coverage contain building footprints with numbers as well

    In Kyev, the map contains a uniquely accurate coverage of in-block passages for most residential districts:

    stnw addr bfp ibp.en

    Address search by address range leads the user approximately to the point in the street opposite to the houses with the corresponding numeric number part. Even if the platform on which the map is used does not support address search by house numbers with letters and fractions, the user can touch the relevant passage to specify the search results.

    A large number of smaller settlements have street network coverage without street naming and address search

    Automatic route calculation

    The navigation device automatically calculates an optimal route from the user’s location to a chosen place, and warns the user about the following maneuver beforehand while driving.

    Depending on the device model, route optimization by time or distance and setting avoidances (such as avoidance of U-turns, unpaved roads etc.) as well as calculation of complex routes are usually possible.

    Points of Interest (POIs)

    The map contains more than 62 200 Points of Interest (POIs). They are, in the first place, fuel and service stations, restaurants, hotels, banks and cash dispensers, airports, railway and bus stations, subway stations, wharves, border crossing points, historical sites, churches, theatres, cinemas, pharmacies, hospitals, state institutions etc. A lot of POIs contain contact information (phone number, postcode, address, email address and website), depending on the device model, it may be possible not only to calculate a route to the point, but to call there immediately, go to the website or send an email letter as well.


    Changes made compared to 2010.12
    • The total road network coverage is increased by 3 200 km and constitutes 427 500 km.
    • Detailed coverage added for 81 settlements (including all settlements in Vasyl'kivs'kyi raion of Kyivs'ka oblast'), namely: ? Chernivets'ka oblast': Storozhynets';
    ? Kyivs'ka oblast': Doslidnyts'ke, Hlevakha, Hrebinky, Kalynivka, Bahryn, Barakhty, Berezenschyna, Bezp`iatne, Bobrytsia, Borysiv, Chervone, Chervone Pole, Chervone, Danylivka, Derev`ianky, Dibrova, Dzvinkove, Hvozdiv, Ivankovychi, Khlepcha, Kobtsi, Kodaky, Kovalivka, Kozhukhivka, Kriachky, Krushynka, Ksaverivka Druha, Ksaverivka, Kulibaba, Losiatyn, Lub`ianka, Lypovyi Skytok, Mala Buhaivka, Mala Soltanivka, Mar`ianivka, Markhalivka, Mytnytsia, Pereviz, Petrivka, Pinchuky, Plesets'ke, Pohreby, Polohy, Poradivka, Pshenychne, Putrivka, Roslavychi, Rulykiv, Salyvinky, Shevchenkivka, Skrypky, Sokolivka, Stepanivka, Trostyns'ka Novoselytsia, Trostynka, Ustymivka, Varovychi, Velyka Vil'shanka, Velyka Soltanivka, Velyka Buhaivka, Vil'shans'ka Novoselytsia, Vinnyts'ki Stavy, Yats'ky, Zaitsiv, Zalizne, Zarichchia, Zastuhna, Zdorivka, Zozuli, Zelenyi Bir;
    ? Luhans'ka oblast': Alchevs'k;
    ? Poltavs'ka oblast': Komsomol's'k, Rozsoshentsi;
    ? Ternopil's'ka oblast': Berezhany, Buchach, Chortkiv, Kremenets', Terebovlia, Zbarazh, Rai.

    • The total street network coverage is increased by 0.9% and now constitutes 45.3% by population. Address search covers 40.7% by population.
    •Street network and address database substantially updated for the cities of Poltava and Vasyl'kiv.
    •Partial update of address database in Kyiv based on our pedestrian GPS/photo survey.
    •Building footprints added for the city of Poltava.
    •Introduced time dependent driving restrictions.
    •Increased number of intersections in Kyiv covered with lane information.
    •Additionally captured about 400 grade separated crossings to allow proper 3D visualization.
    • Number of POIs is increased to more than 62 200.
    • A large number of feedback messages from the users taken into account

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    igo map of Ukraine? screenshot of how the igo?

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    Yes, the map is developed both for Garmin and Igo. Same as the Basarsoft map of Turkey. Poor Garmin....

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    Navigation software expert Carte Blanche Ukraine Map V. 2011.03
    Carte Blanche Ukraine Map V. 2011.03

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    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

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    Navigation software expert Carte Blanche Ukraine Map V. 2011.03
    Carte Blanche Ukraine Map V. 2011.03Carte Blanche Ukraine Map V. 2011.03Carte Blanche Ukraine Map V. 2011.03
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    Do you need this version to enter region before find address? Old version was compiled with cgpsmapper and not work normally.




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