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    Default TOPO Czech 2011 PRO Full Mapsource version

    TOPO Czech 2011 PRO Full Mapsource version


    12905 34798?full

    (Google translation)
    The new version of tourist and navigation map of the Czech Republic designed for most Garmin GPS map.
    United TOPO 2011 is a tourist map in 1:25 000 scale

    New and improved
    • New, refined and complete plotting of road and street network in the Republic, as of the end of 2010. Significant additions backbone network quality of forest and field trips (routovatelné added to the layers). More than 100,000 new sections of roads. In addition, complement and refine the course of approximately 3,000 sections of other routes.
    • Marked hiking paths and cycling routes: about 1200 repairs done over the marked paths, new additions and cancellations nevyznačených.
    • Peaks - complete and more accurate at about 150 peaks. Added some seats (about 200 elements).
    • Foreign belt 500 m - minor corrections and additions of approximately 800 elements
    and about 450 points of interest in various categories.
    • Points of Interest - A new comprehensive database of Jewish Monuments (450 points) and municipalities (4400 points), completion Mills (150 points), protected trees (300 points), the update stamp of tourist sites and towers. Extending a database of tourist signposts and landings (1600 points). Removing duplicates, precise positioning and completion of attributes in about 5000 points. Added more parking (3000 points), restaurants, hotels.

    Basic description of the maps
    Map was combining hiking and navigation data from several data sources. The most used line in the map above polohopisných and topographic features of the state. map series, which adds a number of map elements and polohopidných altimetry. Density display elements corresponding to approximately 1:25 scale 000th In addition, communication lines are lines drawn on the map tourist trails, cycling, high-voltage lines, nature trails and trips for thousands. Furthermore, the map contains relief shading, so visually active relief and topography of the terrain it is easier to read. Shading maps feature allows you to display all route elevation profile. Shaded relief route and profile of the shaded data can only be viewed on a computer program MapSource, not in the GPS device.
    Networks tourist. brands, bike trails, nature trails and paths with thousands of trips are colored. Color map symbols do not display all devices produced by Garmin. This offer functional devices manufactured since 2006 and more recently. Namely include an eTrex Venture Cx, eTrex Legend Cx, eTrex Vista Cx, GPSMAP 60 Cx, GPSMAP 60CSx, GPSMAP 62s, 62st GPSMAP, GPSMAP 76Cx, GPSMAP 76 CSX, GPSMAP 78, S-series c5xx StreetPilot, Nuvi, Zumo, Colorado , Dakota, Oregon, Montana, GPSMAP 278 and Garmin Mobile 10th

    Map contains the following map elements:
    • seat and the seats (20,000 points)
    • Points of Interest in over 50 categories (eg, ATMs, sights, restaurants, buildings MS. Fortification, trademark tourist places, sports, entertainment, railway stations and stops),
    • height dimensions (65,000 points)
    • Network Communications - highways, highway I-III. classes, paved asphalt, streets in cities and local roads in the villages, important forest and field trips (over 1.1 million chunks!)
    • Railroad and some railway sidings,
    • keeping a very high voltage (110, 220 and 400 kV)
    • rivers, streams,
    • contour with a step of 20 meters,
    • tourist signs,
    • cycling,
    • nature trails,
    • Recommended tours of thousands
    • areas of settlements and large towns shopping area, university and other areas
    • forest area,
    • surface-water reservoirs, lakes, ponds and small lakes blank,
    • Digital terrain model

    Unsupported devices: GPS 12Map,
    GPS III +, eMap / eMap Deluxe, StreetPilot, StreetPilot and StreetPilot III ColorMap

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    official download
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    unrar and run Setup_XX.MSI in Data folder
    locked Mapsource install
    FID 1711
    unlock with
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    TOPO Czech PRO 2011
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