Hi everybody.
I tried to install different topo-maps on sd-card (folder garmin) in the garmin 200 running on firmware 2.40.
I used Fast IMG Unlocker 1.9 but it does not work on sd-card. (internal memory works but is to small - 0.5GB)
Failure displayed: canīt read map
Or it does not even show any failure and shows only basemap and countrymap(s).
Is it possible that this device can only display the topomaps together with the countrymaps?
For example: if i want topo sweden. Do i need roadmap sweden then?

Why do some topomaps have many small maps instead of one big? Which is better?
must the topo be a *.img?
Do they need certain names (gmapsup or s.e.) or can i name them as i like?

is there a new and BETTER firmware?
remind of: never change a running system^^

THX for your answers, steve