Topo Tunisie v1 - MapSource


* FID 1108 *
* 38 tiles *
* routable *
* unlocked for Garmin-programs and devices *
* works with all Mapsource-versions, nRoute and BaseCamp *

This TOPO product is the perfect outdoor guide for Tunisia. Designed by desert trekking specialists for desert trekking specialists. The map provides detailed information on streets, settlements, unpaved roads and additional information for desert trekkers, like gas stations, water holes, oases and more. Discover the magic of the desert with the confidence of being guided by a local.
•Displays terrain contours with 25-meter intervals.
•Provides turn-by-turn guidance on conditionally routable streets, unpaved roads, trails and networks.
•Includes topographical information for dunes, forests, lakes and mountains.

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