Road map of Ukraine "NavLux" 2010 Q3(15/07/2010)


Year: 2010
Version: 07/15/2010
Developer: Luxena Software Company
Platform: Garmin
Language: Ukrainian only
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The map includes highly detailed coverage of 130 settlements in Ukraine, including all regional centers in the country. Now, before drawing on the map, all data are verified on the ground. This applies both to the address information, and to points of interest in (POI). High quality of mapping data -

For your convenience, in the near future it will have a bilingual streets search. Already, some names appear up to six different spellings, and the search is for all the options.

1) added address search, information traffic rules and points of interest (POI) in these locations:
city Djankoi (ARC)

smt. Youth (ARK)

PM Shelkino (ARC)

PM Yellow Waters (Dnepropetrovsk region)

PM Nikopol (Dnepropetrovsk region)

PM Pervomais'k (Dnepropetrovsk region)

smt. Jubilee (Dnepropetrovsk region)

PM Avdiyivka (Donetsk region)

PM Artemove (Donetsk region)

PM Zugres (Donetsk region)

PM Ilovaisk (Donetsk region)

PM Khartsizk (Donetsk Region)

smt. Grate (Donetsk Region)

PM Beregovo (Transcarpathian region)

smt. Big Bereznyi (Transcarpathian region)

PM Vinogradov (Transcarpathian region)

PM Irshava (Transcarpathian region)

PM Volovec (Transcarpathian region)

smt. Mizhhiria (Transcarpathian region)

PM Perechin (Transcarpathian region)

PM Rahov (Transcarpathian region)

PM Svaliava (Transcarpathian region)

smt. Mean (Transcarpathian region)

City of Tyachev (Transcarpathian Region)

PM Hust (Transcarpathian region)

PM Chop (Transcarpathian region)

PM Dneprorudnoe (Zaporozhye region)

PM Energodar (Zaporozhye region)

city Kamenka-Dnepr (Zaporozhye region)

PM Primorsk (Zaporozhye region)

smt. Hothouse (Zaporozhye region)

smt. Yakimovka (Zaporozhye region)

smt. Chaban (Kyiv region)

PM Zhydachiv (Lviv oblast)

PM Molodogvardeiskaya (Luhansk Oblast)

PM Severodonetsk (Lugansk region)

PM Yuzhnoukrainsk (Mykolaiv region)

PM Southern (Odessa region)

PM Kuznetsovsk (Rivne Oblast)

PM Ostrog (Rivne Oblast)

PM Pochaev (Ternopil region)

PM Genichesk (Kherson region)

PM Skadovsk (Kherson region)

PM New Kakhovka (Kherson region)

PM Netishin (Khmelnytsky region)

PM Zolotonosha (Cherkasy region)

PM Kanev (Cherkasy region)

PM Chigirin (Cherkasy region)

PM Nizhin (Chernihiv oblast)

PM Pryluky (Chernihiv oblast)
2) Expanded coverage of road networks in Mykolaiv, Odesa, Volyn and Transcarpathian regions.
3) considered more than 220 observations of our users received for the period April-June 2010
More information about the map and its functions and features ...


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