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    Default TopoLusitania Madeira DEM

    TopoLusitania Madeira DEM


    MAP ID: 30 612 (Compatible with TopoLusitania)

    This map is a map experimental, is not a stable version. Does not work in versions of Mapsource v6.13.7 and earlier. Does not work in BaseCamp.

    Based on the map of the archipelago (35100012.img) belonging to TopoLusitania V0.70.
    NOTE: Should only be sent to the Garmin folder on the memory card ,not in internal memory coz it's not a stalbe map.

    This experimental map was made to think of new models of GPS allow us to present maps to three dimensions, Colorado, Oregon, 620. In principle can also be viewed in traditional GPS, without the relief appearance.

    The level curves of 25 to 25 meters, have a distinct origin of the TopoLusitania Madeira.

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