Roads of Belarus (released May 13, 2010 - test)

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Updated free road map of Belarus, which includes all the latest changes and additions sent to Belarus forum.
The most important thing - the map can coexist with the Ukrainian AEROSKAN
need to turn on / off the map of Belarus and Ukraine at border crossings
The route is laid on two cards

PID 1, FID 4857, Dorogi Belarusi 13.05.2010 NT

Briefly, what innovations and changes in this release:
Minsk region
Redrawn highway M3 in the Lahojsk with new interchanges
Almost complete address search in Soligorsk.
Added village Alba ("Fishing).
Bobruisk Bobruisk District
Work continued on the Bobruisk - increased area of the city drawn in more than half.Unfortunately very little is sent comments and pictures (not many areas and new buildings) -Added a set of points PRI, improved road network, added search for houses with numbers (95%)
Improving in these areas.
Brest area
Refine and corrected areas Kozlovichi, Brest Fortress, Zadvortsy, Bagpipes, Arcadia, Mitka, Bernady with address search, vicinity of the airport, added the details (travel, PRI), downtown
Fixed errors found
Also added address search center, Dubrovka, Wólka, Kovaleva, East, partly Kievki.

Completely made (along with address search!) Northern suburbs of Brest: Skokie, old village, Bobrovtsy, Tyuhinichi, Koverdyaki, Stavishche, straightening roads, forests, fields and water, there were shops, service stations, Cafe's
Identifying the streets of the village
Thelma, the PRI, added address search (~ 80%).
Refine the village area, traced the road.
At the time of the release was 24,433 kilometers of roads was 24,848 km of roads (ie add 415 km of roads / streets / lanes).
Partially address search is made in Polotsk.
District Str-
Cosmonauts (Lozivka, Spassky), rn Aerodrome (part), rn Zapolote, borough streets Matrosov - Zygina
Added administrative border areas and clarified the state border in Pastavy area.
Details are drawn g.p.Orehovsk (Orsha region
Orekhovsk waiting for users help: needed street names, house numbers, shops, etc.
(Dubrovno district).
But we need street names and house numbers, not to mention the PSI and administrative buildings.
Fully drawn in GP Vushachy (with address search)
Details are drawn GP Shumilino indicating osonovnyh streets and nekotoyh PRI but need information on other streets and numbering of houses.
Details are drawn g.Oshmyany;
Details are drawn Smorgon;
Refined Slonim and Iviers
Drawn in polygon area Neris River flowing along the Grodno region, refined hydrography in some areas of the region;
Are drawn from the depths of Lake Svitiaz;
Fixed the road in Smorgonskom, Ivie, Slonim, Berestovitsky, Volkovysk areas;
Marked PRI regional health centers. Recommended for global travel to Belarus to use the December release of the card.
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This new release is rather a test for all users.

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