Roads of Russia with routing Southern Federal District versions 4.03 cyrillic


Features of this map:
*detailed road network situation of the end of 2008.
*Krasnodarskij kraj and Rostovskaja oblast 1:200.000
*the cities of Krasnodar and Rostov 1:10.000 with streets and objects
*regional centre 1:25.000 with streets and objects
*small settlements (villages)
*all roads and streets (even narrow and small ones)
*calculation of a route taking traffic into account
*search objects:

large shops, shopping centres, airports, sports airports, gas stations, stadions, zoos, churches, museums, large bars, hospitals, swimming pools, pharmacys/ drug stores, rail road stations and stops, bus stations, post offices, theatres and cinemas, restaurants, cafes, car service points, car washes

*added information for tourists: spa / health resorts, ski resorts, significant gardens, camping sites, marina, monasteries and manors etc.
*places of geographical interest
*historical ruins, fortresses, castles
*water resources, waterfalls
*Index for search by city, street name, category etc.

On the territory of oblast in addition to rail roads and significant automobile roads the maps include:
*local roads (alphalt, ground and sand roads)
*crossings (now including also the crossings near to and on the territory of airports)
*border crossings

NOTICE!: Roads of Russia” maps are NOT SUPPORTED with Garmin GPS-navigators:
eTrex Venture HC, GPS 12 Map, GPS III Plus, GPS Street Pilot, GPS Street Pilot Colormap, GPS III Pilot, GPSMAP 295
Published / Manufactured by: Moscow: Navicom in 2009

PID 1, FID 1120, region 3,0 Cyrillic

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