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    Important User Garmin TopoDEM CATALUNYA(Spain)1:5.000
    Garmin TopoDEM CATALUNYA(Spain)1:5.000Garmin TopoDEM CATALUNYA(Spain)1:5.000Garmin TopoDEM CATALUNYA(Spain)1:5.000Garmin TopoDEM CATALUNYA(Spain)1:5.000Garmin TopoDEM CATALUNYA(Spain)1:5.000Garmin TopoDEM CATALUNYA(Spain)1:5.000Garmin TopoDEM CATALUNYA(Spain)1:5.000
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    Wink Garmin TopoDEM CATALUNYA(Spain)1:5.000

    Garmin TopoDEM CATALUNYA(Spain)1:5.000

    123sshot 2

    Essentially consists of a physical map at the base formed by a relief of detail covering all of Catalonia, to which he added the 5m contour. equidistance, all her information from the Cartographic Institute of Catalonia ([Only registered and activated users can see links. ]) and can be downloaded for free by registering on its website.

    The relief that comes from the DEM incorporates ICC Catalunya with step 15x15m grid, and contour lines and other elements come from the ICC topographic base at 1:5000 scale. The map shows distributed under the topographic map sheets at 1:50,000 scale in Spain, because it is a format familiar to us and standardized.

    Thinking about how to make the mapset "modular" in order that the user can create their own 'maps on demand ", all layers of 1:5,000 CATALUNYA TopoDEM information presented separately compiled files individual IMG and transparent (except maps with the DEM-based), so that from MapSource and selecting by default all the maps for a particular geographical area (visible on the map by drawing a rectangle with the tool MAPA), the user can remove the listing maps that can be sent to the GPS, those who are not of interest ...

    This modularity also allows us to easily, you can add and expand TopoDEM CATALUNYA with new layers of information even from other sources, without having to recompiling the existing maps.

    The map has been produced with the intention to form a detailed map base on which to display GPS data (tracks, routes, waypoints) in programs to facilitate this purpose Garmin (MapSource, BaseCamp, etc..) And / or the GPS receivers of the same brand, or even view other information superimposed transparent maps that we use, either made by users or commerce (The City Navigator is a good candidate to be displayed above, provided that we have done previously TRANSPARENT insist, for example using GMapTool

    the relief that incorporate maps is only visible in recent GPS models appearing on the market (Colorado, Oregon, Dakota, nüvi 5xx ,...), while the maps are also compatible with other models, to be displayed in contour and hydrologic elements.

    IMG maps of 1:5000 CATALUNYA TopoDEM incorporate a single layer or "layer" with the information, and can have a size greater than 10 Mb Consequently, visualization of the maps zoom levels little detail SLOW

    Download links:

    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]


    Once decompressed RAR files are downloaded, just locate the folder that you have topoDEM CATALUNYA 5k with maps where you want to be in your PC (eg in the path C: \ Garmin \ Maps) and you execute by double clicking on the install.bat file. This will be added to the Windows Registry the information on maps, and that's it ...

    To add successive layers of information, just unzip and add in the same folder mentioned the new IMG files, and replace the file TYP and existing TDB file with the new versions to be provided in every new release.

    To view the maps on the PC is essential to have previously installed any program capable of using their Garmin maps (MapSource, BaseCamp, etc.).

    To uninstall the mapset, double click the file uninstall.bat to delete the entries in the Windows registry. The folder with the maps are not removed from its location

    more info
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    You have to navigate to get to the good.

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    Might be that there is a newer version available on this site:

    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] Not sure because version numvbers are not used. In anyway the screenprints seem more colourfull for what it is worth.




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