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    Default Garmin Ireland topo v1.9.1 Emerald island

    Garmin Ireland topo v1.9.1 Emerald island

    ireland map

    emerald Island
    GPS with color display
    Ireland Map
    Topographic map 2009/05/04 (v1.9.2)

    What's new ?

    * TOP layer (contour lines) with maximal resolution for better display with OSM layer, but at the cost of increased size by 50% :-(
    * Slightly custom rendering for routable OSM layer
    * Updated data from Mountain Views and OpenStreetMap (2009/05/04)
    * New preview map for TOP layer mixed with OSM layer

    Previous versions

    * Version 1.9.1 (OSM &amps; TOP layers (2009/05/03))
    * Version 1.9.0 (OSM &amps; TOP layers (2009/04/17))
    * Version 1.8.9 (Pillars layer added (2009/02/04))
    * Version 1.8.8 (updated data from Mountain Views, Megalithomania and OpenStreetMap (2008/11/29)
    * Version 1.8.7 (Megalithomania layer added)
    * Maintenance version 1.8.6 (shorten mountain names replaced by full name)
    * Maintenance version 1.8.5 (Ireland layer contained too much data)
    * Minor changes in naming maps and mapset v1.8.4
    * New layer with lakes, rivers, roads, urban areas from OpenStreetMap
    * Summits > 400m list updated from Mountain Views (2008/08/13)
    * Minor changes on background layer
    * The tweak "how to mix it with Garmin products"
    * Background layer based on true shorelines
    * Background layer (detailed shorelines and green Ireland !)
    * Setup program for an easy install
    * "Ireland shadow" changed to "Ireland DEM" (Data Elevation Model)
    * Smoother contours based on 3x oversampled SRTM data
    * 10m contours added (25m contours still there)
    * Summits > 400m list updated from Mountain Views (2008/01/19)
    * OSI like elevation display: elevation is displayed like a DEM file

    Nota1: the map called "Ireland Map" is in 6 layers :
    # Ireland TOP: contour lines, summits and toponyms (transparent layer).
    # Ireland DEM : coloured elevation background (partially transparent layer).
    # Ireland BGD : non transparent background layer (mask basic map).
    # Ireland OSM : lakes, rivers, roads and urban areas (transparent layer).
    # Ireland MGL : megalithic sites (transparent layer).
    # Ireland PIL : triangulation pillars (transparent layer).

    Version française

    This topographic map represents the main isle called Ireland. It is intended for the practice of the excursion also called "hillwalking". Contour lines were extracted from SRTM data with a native resolution of about 90m x 60m, oversampled with a factor of 3 and a bicubic spline interpolation. The result is a terrain a little bit eroded but with smoother curves. The step between contour lines is 10m at the lowest scale. The map includes levels of details with 25m contours and 100m contours. Mountains areas are displayed with colors for any altitude higher than 25m. The map includes the name of the geographical areas and all summits higher than 400m

    for mapsource-irelandmap192setup

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    Is there a way to combine the 6 maps in Mapsource; now I get everything apart from each other?

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    Newer versions here:

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    thanks thread closed
    You have to navigate to get to the good.

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