I am trying to help a friend use his brand new Alpha 100 "APAC" with the 20x US dog collars he has (TT-15 I believe). He has also given me his old Alpha 100 which I modified a couple of years ago to connect to the US collars here in Australia, using the firmware mod tool.

Comparing the new Alpha 100 to the older in in the system.xml, the new one has a description of "Alpha 100 APAC" while the older one is just "Alpha 100". Exact same HWID. New one has a PCB of "Alpha X V4" while the older one has "Alpha 100 V2".

The older one has v6.30 running ok and not geo-locked. US freqs work fine in Australia.

The new one was v7.70 out of the box, I rolled it back to the same v6.30 and modified the f/w using the region change tool, same as older one. But it refuses to pair with a US collar.

Can anyone help, or shed some light on this issue? Obviously with his 20 dogs and US collars he does not want to replace them all.

Is the APAC model hardware locked to APAC frequencies?

Any way at all to switch the APAC version to US freqs?

They are a large group who hunt, with 20x dogs/collars but also multiple Alpha 100's. If there is anyway to switch all the TT-15's to Aus freqs can I also modifiy the other US Alpha 100's to Aus freqs?

Any help very gratefully appreciated.