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    Default Deleted GMAPPROM.IMG from Etrex20x... free space not created on device.


    I was looking to load a Talkytoaster map ( TT50-BRITISH-ISLES+CONTOURS-DEM.IMG ) onto the internal memory of my Etrex20x.

    So I have dragged off the Etrex20x internal memory the file GMAPPROM.IMG (file size 3.51gb) thinking this was the file holding the basic garmin maps.

    However the Etrex20x has not relinquished the free space I thought would be created by dragging off the GMAPPROM.IMG file... I am told only 300 mb is free on the device...

    And as a result now I cannot copy back onto the Extrex20x either the GMAPPROM.IMG or the TT50-BRITISH-ISLES+CONTOURS-DEM.IMG files.

    Most annoying... anyone any ideas how to fix this ?

    The issue could have been bypassed by the installation of a micro sd card in the Etrex20x with the TT50-BRITISH-ISLES+CONTOURS-DEM.IMG file on the micro sd card...

    However I also had problems earlier on today with the Etrex20x not being able to 'see' and load the Talkytoaster .IMG file from my brand new Sandisk 32 gb micro sd card... I suspect the micro sd card was corrupted as I could not format this card on either my mac or pc.

    Which is why I have gone down the route of attempting to free space on the Etrex20x itself by dragging off the GMAPPROM.IMG file and lo, now find myself in the mire...

    I have ordered a new Sandisk 16 gb micro sd card on which I will place the Talkytoaster .IMG file; and i will attempt this later today.

    But... what it going on with the Extrex20x not showing the free space ?

    When it rains etc etc... thanks for any tips.

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    I do not understand why user's are always deleting important files or formatting their GPS UNITS.
    This forum is full of user's doing this almost every day.
    Always put your extra maps on a SD card and not on the units internal memory.

    Leave that along.........................

    Map Names
    These are default map names used by Garmin. Do not use these file names when saving your maps.

    gmapprom.img | Primary or Pre Installed Map
    gmapprom1.img | Secondary Map
    gmapbmap.img | Device Base Map
    gmapoem.img | OEM Installed Map (can not be disabled in Map Settings)
    gmapsupp.img | Map written to device or uSD card by MapSource
    gmaptz.img | Time Zone Map
    gmap3d.img | Primary 3D Buildings Map
    gmap3d1.img | Secondary 3D Buildings Map

    ON THE SD CARD in the folder \garmin\gmapsupp.img

    Been using eTrex units since 2007 and have never run into so many user's doing this delete or formatting their units.
    Now have a GPSMAP 66S that uses the same maps I used on my eTrex units.

    All maps work when you put the maps in the correct place..........

    The best thing any user can do is one of the below items if things are not working the way they should but only as a last thing...........

    Do not delete or format your unit.

    How do I reset all settings back to factory defaults?
    Setup > Reset > Reset All Settings.

    How do I Master Reset my eTrex x0x?
    hold [Menu] + [Thumb Stick] + cycle [Power] (erases all user data).
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    Are you a MAC user?



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