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    JNX Showing shaded map on Montana / Etrex Touch GPS for JNX or Raster IMG files


    I have some detailed topo maps which were made based on scanned printed maps and are compiled in JNX format. I can view fines these maps into my patched Montana 600 GPS (thou a bit slow to pan & zoom but not a big problem).

    But It would be much more helpful for me If I could display these maps in a "3D" / Shaded way into my GPS.

    I have a high detailed DEM map as IMG available.

    1) Would it be possible to display a JNX or Raster IMG map onto a Garmin Montana GPS? (same as Vector IMG files are displayed when a DEM file/map is also enabled in the Montana GPS?
    (tried already the combo JNX map enabled + DEM map enabled but it seams that when a JNX or Custom KMZ map is enabled it disregards the DEM file.

    Asking If it would be possible to embed the DEM file into the JNX or Custom raster.img file to "force" the GPS showing the map shaded?

    In the BaseCamp I have successfully manged to show this JNX map (after converting it to raster IMG format) then merging it with the DEM file using the MapSetToolKit and it showing great and even better in 3D view! Really wish I could have something similar on the GPS screen also.

    Installing the map from BaseCamp to Montana GPS via BaseCamp map install didn't enabled the shaded mode of the map. Showing it plane on the GPS screen.

    2) What would be the best approach to make some adjustments on a JNX or raster IMG map to increase the contrast and apply some sharpening to make the map displaying better on the GPS screen?

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