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    Default Garmin Etrex Touch waypoint limit?

    I've been looking at the Etrex touch 25 and 35 and I think in swaying towards the 25. However while looking at Amazon reviews I saw that someone said they have a limit of 50 waypoints per route. They continue to complain and mark the device down because of this limiting feature.

    The Garmin website says it can handle 4,000 waypoints and despite questions nobody is aware of a 50 point limit.

    Does anyone know if this limit exists?


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    ☼ADMIN☼ Garmin Etrex Touch waypoint limit?
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    GPSPower Helper Garmin Etrex Touch waypoint limit?
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    @ Pebbleheed

    What you mean as "waypoints per route" are called "route Via Points" and by using them you "force" your route to pass from these points.
    These "Via Points" can be stored "User Waypoints", map's POIs (Points Of Interest), or map's points that you'll select (click) on a map in Basecamp while you create a route.
    "Etrex Touch can handle 4.000 points" means that your device can store in memory 4.000 "User Waypoints" and show them on the Waypoint List.
    You can choose form those points (User Waypoints, POIs, map's points) up to:
    - 250 to create a "Direct route" (or "offroad route" or "point-to-point" route)
    - 50 to create a "Turn-by-turn route" (or "autoroute" that follows the roads on the map)

    All Garmin handhelds have this limitation when creating a route using Via Points.
    Garmin users main problem with this limitation, is the conversion of a Track to a Route, but Basecamp has the option for you to chose how many Via Points you want to use to create the route.
    The problem still remains if the converted route doesn't exactly match the track on the map.
    The solution to this is to break the track into shorter parts and then create routes from those track parts.

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