Correct on the error I did get the maps to work in my 760 and 2 garmin 360 units. Cards format 4gb at fat 32. I tried fat and no go. So i tried 2gb sd cards and all works.

What I did was run the map through gmaptools and no problems. Put in gps and not seeing map.
Pull out sd card and run .img in gmaptools and it shows there are errors and problems.
Seem when I put the 4gb card in both 360 and 760 it corrupted the file on sd card. Thats all I can figure out what happened.
So maps are working with 2gb sd cards.
I will look further into re formatting the sd cards and see why a 1.6gb file will not work on a 4gb card.

My 2014 map is on a 4gb card and works in the 760 and 360, i think its about 2.204gb on the 4gb card and works.
At this point I'm confused on the 2gb and 4gb sd cards and the combination i listed of what is and not working.

again thanks for helping me with all the info you posted