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    Default 3590lmt Trip planner


    I have been having a few issues with the latest map update 2015.10, but now all seems ok. But still not road tested it yet. However, I was planning route of about 1200 milies across the EU. The issue is, it took some time to calculate a 1200 mile trip, in one direction, and then it couldnt show the complete route, but would enlighten me along the way.

    Ok, so my device likes to play games. The route is from Dvoer to Poland, which used to route straight there, no games, but that was on my 660nuvi, the best ever satnav, in my opinion.

    Anyway, I then tried trip planner, home to Dover to Dunkirque to Poland, 10 minutes later, route still calculating at 90, then 15 minutes later, route still calculating no percentage showing. So I cancelled that, tried again still taking forever.

    I then added an extra POI onto the route. This did not work to start with, but that was my fault as I had put the new POI on the end of the route after my destination, so the device must have had a bit of a meltdown. But when I moved it to before the of the destination voila, route calculated, albeit, the device was not going to let me know the entire route at the start, it stil,l. wanted to be in control, but it did calculat it in less than two minutes.

    My conclusion, is that the detail on the maps and extra roads etc., means that the the routes will as more updates becoem available need to broken down more. I feel that my Garmin will be out of processing power within the next year or two. So no more updates for me, unless really necessary.

    Any thoughts on this. Is there any tricks or tips to speed things up. I already have my map on SD card.

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