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    Default GPSmap76CSx >> Bearing and Distance to a Waypoint

    I am acquiring a piece of property.
    A staking survey was done on it in 2005.
    it gives bearings and distances between the corner stakes.
    I want to physically locate the corner posts.
    One corner is a survey spike, probably magnetic.
    The other three are rebar stakes.
    Finding the spike and one of the rebar stakes along the roadway should not be too difficult.
    The lot is officially 100' X 435.6', a long narrow 1 acre lot.
    Finding the two rebar stakes at the rear of the lot will be more problematical.
    It is heavily over grown with tropical under brush, deserving of the term "jungle".

    Now, if I locate the front two corners and set waypoints for them on the GPS, I'm thinking that I should be able to use my GPSmap76CSx to indicate the distance and bearing to the waypoints allowing me to approximately locate where the rear stakes are.
    Can my GPS be used this way?
    If so, how?
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    Yes, it should be easy. Press "Find", "Waypoints", select your waypoint and press "Enter". Then press "Menu", "Project Waypoint", fill bearing and distance and you will get new waypoint at next stake.
    Thanks, Kanopus

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    I finally acquired the property and moved in.
    Locating the corner stakes was not my first priority.
    And, I had to pick up a metal detector to locate the rebar stakes with.

    I finally got around to starting the search a few days ago.
    I found the 2 front corner stakes very quickly.
    Then, I averaged their locations until the GPS judged them to be within 4'.
    That took about an hour for each front corner.

    When projecting the Waypoints for the rear corners, I ran into a problem.
    I could find no way to change the distance from the front corner to the rear corner from miles to feet.
    The length of the side of the lot is 435.6', equal to 0.0825 mi.
    The distance in miles to be entered was accurate only to 1/100 of a mile [0000.00 mi].
    This introduced an error of 13' in addition to the inherent GPS error.

    So, is there any way to set the distance in feet when projecting a new waypoint?

    Not that it really matters.
    After 2 days of brush cutter and chainsaw work,
    I topped a small hump of a'a lava and could see the red ribbon on the stake marking the NW corner about 30' away.
    I'll cut my way through to it tomorrow, locate the rebar, then start for the SW corner.

    While a GPS is not an accurate enough instrument to do a survey with,
    I'll have to admit that it is accurate enough to help locate existing survey markers.
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