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    Default MapSource + BaseCamp + Topo USA 2k8 + Topo Canada v4 + BlueChart Americas 2k8.5: Problem!

    I have BlueChart Americas 2k8.5, Topo USA 2k8 and Topo Canada v4 installed on my PC.
    BCA is accessed through MapSource v6.13.7.
    Topo Canada is accessed through BaseCamp v2.0.4.
    Topo USA is accessed through both MapSource and BaseCamp.

    I am planning a trip outside this summer.
    I am trying to set up a route from a point in Alaska through Canada and the western states.
    I have never tried to set up a route before with either of the Topo sets.
    I am running into problems with auto routing in Topo USA.
    I haven't tried it in Topo Canada because I haven't gotten that far yet.

    In Topo USA on BaseCamp, I have set way-points at:
    Tetlin Junction
    Hwys 5 & 9 Junction

    Then, I want to set up Auto Routing so that the route will follow the roads traveled.
    I click on the route Options tab.
    Auto-Routing is checked.
    Vehicle type is Car/Motorcycle.
    Calculation is for Shorter Distance
    Road Selection is at the mid-point.

    The route is still showing as a direct route from Way-point to Way-point.

    With Topo USA in MapSource, I can not use the Help file to find out how to set up Auto-Routing.
    Apparently, the help files are for BaseCamp not MapSourcs and they do not apply.

    Is it possible that having both MapSource and BaseCamp installed is interfering with setting up Auto-Routing?
    How can I get Auto-Routing to work in Topo USA?
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    OK, I think I have figured it out.
    Topo US 2k8 is not capable of auto routing to roads for trip planning
    in either MapSource or BaseCamp like Topo Canada v4 does .

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    Wow...I wanted so badly to let you know about the auto-routing or lack thereof in 2k8 but you beat me to it. And there is no problem with having Basecamp and Mapsource installed on the same device or terminal. Personall, I find 2k8 so outdated it would be of little value as a topo anyway.

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    Thanks Major Bawls,

    So far, in the planning, this trip will run through at least 6k miles from "Los Anchorage" to Los Angeles where my vehicle will be placed onto a freighter for transport to Hawaii.
    I am planning on a lot of side trips.
    Before the planning is finished and the unplanned side trips are completed, it will probably be substantially longer.

    I have had to combine Garmin's Topo Canada with Delorme's Topo USA for the planning stages to get the results I want.
    I can use both on a laptop in the car to track the trip by GPS.

    Delorme TOPO USA can route the roads all the way from start to finish.
    But, The Canadian portion has no details beyond the road and settlement locations.
    I will use it only for detail planning within the US borders of Alaska and the Lower 48.

    I will be using Topo Canada only for detail planning within the Canadian borders.
    There is really not much need for me to worry about the Canadian portion.
    I have traveled it so many times that I feel the trip through Canada to be as familiar as being in my driveway.
    It will be mostly a farewell trip to visit my favorite places for the last time, Dawson City to Dawson Creek,
    Liard Hot Springs, the Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks, Waterson Lakes. and the list goes on.

    The Lower 48 portion will be a combined farewell trip for my favorite places and
    a last chance to see all the places that I have always said "next time" to on previous road trips through the western states.
    It could take a month or more to finally arrive at LAX.

    I will be using my GPSmap 76CSx to feed the GPS to the laptop.
    My gal-friend will be using her NUVI 255W at the same time.
    Our interactions due to multiple GPSs should be interesting.

    Which reminds me, we have only used her NUVI in rental cars while on fly-out vacations
    with her giving me direction on how to get to where we're trying to go.
    I have never looked at it's capabilities beyond plugging it in and having her feed me directions while traveling in strange places.
    She's had it for several years now with no updates made.
    I'm going to go see what it's capabilities are and what can be loaded up to it that might be of use on the trip.
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