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    Default Routing - Differences between selecting different options in 'Activity for Route Calculation'?

    Further to my question yesterday regarding the difference in route calculation between selecting 'Minimise Time' v. 'Minimise Distance' when setting up a Route (thread now Moved to Tutorials section) I found the answer so helpful in my understanding that I now would like to ask if someone could clarify the different route calculations which might be achieved by selecting a different 'Activity'; as this is the next stage in my bafflement.

    Due to my lack of understanding I have actually only been using my Oregon for the purpose of checking where I am when out on my Mountain Bike; and for analising my 'Total Ascent' and 'Moving Average Speed' etc.

    Until now I have never really used the Routing facility as I have never understood it; for example there is a different 'Activity' for Cycling, Tour Cycling, and Mountain Biking; what is going to be different about the Route Calculations? ..... and considering the places I go on my Mountain Bike why would that be different than a 'Pedestrian Walking' or 'Hiking' or indeed ATV/Off Road Driving? ...... furthermore and what difference for example might there be between 'Automobile Driving' and Mortorcycle Driving'? Help!

    For clarity, apart from the usual BaseMap I also have 'Garmin City Navigator' and 'Garmin GB Discoverer 150K' on my Oregon. In the case of 'Garmin GB Discoverer 150K' this does appear to be Routable on the roads? (I guess) but not in respect of Bridelways or footpaths? ... and Byways??? ...... so again how is a calculation for 'Mountain Biking' going to be different to 'Hiking etc. etc?; and 'Mountaineering' ....well I can only wonder!

    So that we don't have to get out our Garmins to remember the options I list them below:-

    Direct Routing (obvious)
    Automobile Driving
    Mortorcycle Driving
    Tour Cycling
    Mountain Biking
    Pedestrian Walking
    ATV/Off Road Driving

    I realise that this is a very basic question but it baffles me and stops me from getting the most out of my device, so any help in undestanding will me most appreciated. Thanks.
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    ☼ADMIN☼ Routing - Differences between selecting different options in  'Activity for Route Calculation'?
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    read here:
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    Smarter Activities

    We’ve added new Activity types to these handhelds to help customize the way routes are calculated based on what you’re doing. These new Activities include: Tour Cycling, Mountain Biking, Hiking, Mountaineering and ATV/Off Road Driving. When an Activity is selected, additional ways to configure that Activity are presented, including Calculation Method, Avoidances, and Recalculation settings. Due to their relevance, some of these settings are only available in certain Activities.

    Each Activity has its own set of specific, applicable avoidances. For example, when routing with the Hiking Activity, “Narrow Trails” can optionally be avoided, but when set to Motorcycle Driving this avoidance is not available. We’ve also added a new route calculation method, “Minimize Ascent,” because going somewhere on your own horsepower is a different situation than letting a vehicle do the work for you. To make sure things work exactly the way you want them to, we’ve taken routing one step further by remembering your routing settings for each Activity type in each Profile. This allows ultimate configurability of switching Activities both inside a Profile and across Profiles.

    All of these Activities and calculation methods are also available in Garmin BaseCamp, and can be reviewed, configured, and applied to routes created using the utility
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