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    my 3490 is originally a 3790

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    Quote Originally Posted by dasilvarsa View Post
    Have you had a look inside the powered Mount if you can find stereo L R connector in there.
    The reason I ask is that there is a 3760 for BMW that connects to the Car using a special powered Mount and plays both speakers through the radio.
    That might be the only way to get Stereo out of the nuvi by somehow simulating the BMW powered Mount Kit.
    Now that leaves us wondering of what is that USB to Audio Connector For .
    Also can you please explain how you opened the nuvi.
    If you buy some more Johny Walker please post pictures.
    I have (had ,see my other posting from today) 3760 BMW edition & wiring for it, but unfortunately, in the wiring diagram of BMW cradle, there is only MONO output from cradle to Radio.
    On previous version (8xx & 7xx) cradles, audio output was STEREO from cradle, even to the radio harnes was hooked up only one side (MONO) of it.

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    GPSPower Helper Have I gone crazy?? Look what I did to my 37xx=>34xx...
    Have I gone crazy?? Look what I did to my 37xx=>34xx...
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    Ok this is my thinking.
    The Standard mount of 34xx/37xx already has audio out to the speaker in the mount.
    This audio out to the speaker is actually Joint Stereo and not Mono as we think.
    It would be quite easy to take this audio and drive both channel of the car stereo by using a cheaply available Level Converter.
    As long as the car stereo has an AUX in socket it would work.
    Ok we would not get true stereo from the car audio system but we would certainly hear the sounds of both channels.
    Phone Calls, MP3, and Navigation would then be heard through the car speakers.
    Watching movies with good sound would also be possible when stopped.
    I don't think that giving up the stereo effects would be such a bid deal in the bigger picture.

    What we need is for someone that has a broken 34xx/37xx standard mount to open it up and post high res pictures of what is actually in there.
    Also to show us how to open the standard mount without breaking the clips.

    Where can I find the Wiring Diagram of BMW 3760 Mount.

    OK I did some more tests and it seems to play only the right channel on mp3. (that sucks)
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