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    Default navigating to GPS coordinate offroad without a straightline


    is it possible to have an arrow that points to your destination (entered as GPS coordinates) when driving offroad - with the arrow direction being updated as you drive.

    I need this while driving in the desert...

    so far was not able to find that option, even when going to pedestrian / offroad selection.

    Tx for your help

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    ☼ADMIN☼ navigating to GPS coordinate offroad without a straightline
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    Just add a waypoint at the chosen coordinates,give it a name,save in Fav, then let your device locks your position and navigate to the waypoint. If you have a Nuvi chose Off road mode and shorter distance I guess, in an outdoor you can chose off road mode too
    If it's this you are asking for.
    You have to navigate to get to the good.

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    GPSPower Helper navigating to GPS coordinate offroad without a straightline
    navigating to GPS coordinate offroad without a straightline
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    If you have a Nuvi that supports routes you can make a route with waypoints and ask the nuvi to calculate the route off-road.
    You will then have a series of vectors (straight lines) which you can the navigate. The more waypoints you have the more realistic the route will be.
    Another way is to create a Overlay Map from a track, use a bright colour for your Map (road)
    Then you just navigate by following brightly color road on the Map.
    If you have an outdoor GPS you can just load a track onto the GPS.
    If the route is calculated 0ff-road the nuvi will not speak but it will display directions like South at D10.
    I found that a good distance for the points is about 750m to 1 km Apart on the example picture the points are too close together.
    If you lose the pink line you just zoom out and drive towards the pink line.
    It's good fun to drive or ride where there is no road.

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