When using the Garmin Bluechart G2 Vision charts on my Montanna is there a way to disable the photo overlay (satellite imagery) !
On the instructions it states

"High Resolution Satellite Imagery
You can overlay high-resolution satellite
images on the land, sea, or both portions of the
Navigation Chart.
Satellite imagery options:
When you enable the photo overlay on
your unit, you can customize how the
satellite imagery appears on the map:
• Off—standard chart information is
• Land Only—standard chart
information is shown on water with
photos overlaying the land.
• On—photos overlay both the water
and the land at a specified opacity.
The higher you set the percentage,
the more the satellite photos"

However on the Montana it seems there is no option to disable the satellite imagery so on certain areas this is all I can view however much I zoom in

Thanks a lot