I need some help to put part of VEU 709L (south Norway) into my old 76S.
The 76S is and old black and white model without sd-card. And it has only a few topo maps installed.
I found the VEU 709L on internet, to different download.
The whole 709L is far too big for the 76s, and I have gotten so far as to be able to see the chart in mapsource (patched).
But I have no idea how I will be able to extract the portion the I want from the chart and load into the 76s.
I can see the chart in the "chart view" part of mapsource, and I stored the portion I wanted from there in a .gdb-file.
But the .gdb-fil will (of course) not load into 76s.
Yes! I am a novice to this and it seems a little complicated to me.
Any help is appreciated