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    Default oregon 400t routing

    Hi, i appear to be doing something wrong whilst using a pre programmed route from my mapsource,ok i make a custom route then set off, it may have 15 road markers/waypoints, if i deviate from the route then continue with the route it always wants to take me back to the start, its like it does not want to do the route unless you start from the begining, this therefore throws me off route as you do not really know if you are going the wrong way or not, very frustrating. If i then recalculate on/off road it makes a new route and wont allow me to use the route i want, if i reload my route it wants me to go back to the first point, which maybe 300km away, what am i doing wrong,

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    If Offroad Recalculation is ON, the GPS will immediately recalculate the route from present position. If one turns this feature OFF, then the route is preserved in the GPS, so that you can manually follow the pre-planned route and still get the "pop up" guidance screens.

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    1.) What does the setting Routing>Off Road Transitions do on the Garmin Oregon?

    This setting controls the way the Oregon behaves when you are navigating a multi-point route off road. Assume that you create a route with three points: A, B and C. Navigation will work as follows in the three available modes:

    1.Auto: The default setting which works as you would expect. In the example route if you've gone past A the data fields would indicate distance, ETA, bearing, etc to B until you reach B. Once you've arrived at B the unit will automatically switch "Next" to C. The Active Route tool displays a little red flag in the information bar of the point which is currently "Next".
    2.Manual: The unit does not do any automatic switching of "Next" but instead allows the user to do this. The way you do this is by selecting points in the Active Route tool. This moves the little red flag to the point you have select and sets the distance, ETA, bearing, etc based on that point. Note: The alert text you see when entering this mode is incorrect on the Oregon (it is left over from the Colorado). There are no left/right buttons on the Oregon, just tap the information bar to select "Next".
    3.Distance: Similar to auto except it lets you specify the proximity to a route point which will trigger the switch of "Next". For example, if you have this set to 200' and are navigating from A to B, as soon as you are within 200' of B, "Next" will switch to C. If you set the distance about 30' this mode works like Auto.
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