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    Default 60csx and Modern Map Downlaoding

    Hello All,

    Ive grown quite out of the loop since 2008 or so. I own a 60csx and im trying to find a decent explanation of how to get the most detailed topographical maps on it. Im very familiar with .tor and .dlc im just overwhelmed by all the choices and 20k and 1023939k and so on. How do i get detailed modern topo?

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    Vip Master 60csx and Modern Map Downlaoding
    60csx and Modern Map Downlaoding60csx and Modern Map Downlaoding
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    Which map to use is of course of your choise depending on the area of your interest. Use the map index post for guidance.
    Find the best map, if it is in the form of one single .img file just download it to your computer. If it is a Mapsource installation, install it in Mapsource.
    Since the 60CSx only can handle one map file the file needs to be renamed to gmapsupp.img and copied to the folder named garmin in the sd card so the the gps can find it. If it is a Mapsource map just transfer it to the gps from Mapsource.
    In the case of locked maps unlocking is neccessary.
    Information on how to do theese steps can be found in the forum, use the Sticky posts to find out where !

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    the quick and dirty just to get going would be to find a posting for an unlocked topo image of the area you're interested in. change the filename to gmapsupp.img if necessary, copy that file to a directory named "garmin" on a microSD card, insert it to the gps and turn it on. done.

    Although this is the easiest path to updating your maps, it is also the least flexible method because you're stuck with (sort of) whatever specific data somebody else decided to include in that map file.




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