Hi. First post here. Great forum. I hope you can help me. Sorry for my english I hope to be as clear as possible.
Here's my problem. I was messing around with my Nuvi 885 and I've completely wiped the storage partition using Macintosh Disk Utility.
I've lost everything, and have no backup of any kind since the unit has a few days with me.
So, I've opened disk utility again, and created a Fat32 partition again. No problem.
Nuvi starts, and there are no maps, voices, pois etc etc.
I need to know if any of you know how to restore the files and folders that came with my unit.
Other problem I have is that I created a folder named Garmin, then I've reinstalled my map again, but it refuses to see it. If I put the map on an SD card it loads ok.
Seems that the partition is not recognized by the system. If I run web updater, it does not see the unit. If I put the update by hand it does not work.
If i put some jpg files image viewer does not see them in the internal storage, but works good with SD card.
Does the 885 use a different partition scheme than standard FAT32?. Are there any hidden partitions?

Please, any advice would be of great help to me.

Regards from Argentina.