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    Talking Broken digitizer of my new Nuvi 245

    Hello guys,

    Iīve just broken my Nuvi 245 Digitizer. Didnīt found a replacement part on eBay.
    Can anyone help me to find the new digitizer?
    Should I buy the LCD also?

    It is welded together...

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    The digitizers on some garmin models are interchangable. Is yours a 245w or just a 245? You may have to open up the unit to see if the digitizer is clipped to the main board or soldered. I've replaced many digitizers, but unfortunately I can't help with the proper digitizer for the 245 as I they don't sell that model here in the US, so I've never taken one apart, but it does look an awful lot like the 260. The digitizer separates fairly easy from the LCD screen using a razor blade to wedge between the two then going around the circumference of the screen to slice the glue/tape. A trick I have found is to cover the screen with masking tape to keep from making a mess in case the old digitizer *****s while you are removing it. If you open up your unit and find out if the digitizer is clipped in or soldered, I can tell you which other digitizers are likely to be compatible. The new digitizer comes with tape/glue for mounting so you will just peel off the backing and stick it to the face of the LCD. However if it is soldered on, and you aren't good with a soldering iron, might be better to just buy the LCD with digitizer attached if it makes financial sense as well.




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