I just installed CNNA 2011 on an old Fuji notebook that I take with me on my bike travels; got GPSMAP 376C on the handlebars with XM weather

This computer is 9" x 5", has 256 MB of RAM, no CD, USB 1.1 an 700 MHz Crusoe processor and runs Windoze 2000. It has done over 40,000 miles in the saddlebags of the Harley !

The install is pretty straight forward, takes a while though (USB 1.1 is not fast).
Mapsource 6.16.x will refuse to run, but 6.15.11, (patched of course) works well.
Installing through the .msi file circumvents the OS check done with setup.exe which totally refuse to do anything if it does not detect Win XP.
Rather than playing with the JDownloader, I just deleted the MapInstall files; I have no need for those.

The setup is not blazing fast !!! But it is nice to have in a hotel room to plan the next day ride !