Being nearly 60 and not very good with computers, I have been trying to load SAStreetmaps to an SD card. Our local "expert" came along to show me how to *****t it and failed.

Not being one to be easily beaten, I've searched the web and came across this great site.
Although I had Mapsource/Mapinstaller/Jetmouse etc. I could not get the Navigator to read from the SD card, it kept giving "Can't unlock maps"

That was until I read the instructions properly, and pedantically followed them, rather than skip through them and think I was doing it correctly.

It just goes to show, if I can ***** it, anyone can

So if you're struggling to install a map, and all else fails, read the instructions.

Many thanks to the poster for the clear and concise the loading instructions, and to all the other contributors of this great site.