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    lightning Forum Global Rules

    General Rules

    1- USERNAMES: Members can not change their usernames and they are not allowed to request it . Websites names and unpronounceable nicknames (like Klmn454824IOIoo) or number only usernames are not allowed.
    It's not allowed to register with a username containing:
    offensive and obscene language, or inciting to violence in any language and in any form) ;
    any personal information: phone numbers, web addresses , e-mail, IMEI , etc. and.
    Ads usernames are forbidden.
    It's not allowed to register more than one account per member.

    2- AVATAR
    a) It's not allowed to choose an avatar containing:
    offensive and obscene language and images , as well as incitement to violence ( in any language and in any form) ;
    b) Any personal information: phone numbers, web addresses , e-mail, ICQ , etc. - as well as combinations of characters that can be regarded as such data.
    c) Avatars containing ads are forbidden.

    Are forbidden signatures containing :
    a) Advertising in any form.
    b) Any personal information, phone numbers, website addresses, e-mail, ICQ , etc. - as well as combinations of characters containing such data . Links to resources within GPSPower , coded links to users' personal blogs or sites are allowed.
    c) We suggest to add your gps model in your signature,so it will be easier to help you.

    4- PRESENTATION: New members must introduce themselves in the [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] as they feel (a brief presentation). Then continue to Full Membership to be an Active member. You will remain an Inactive Member till you post.

    5- RESPECT MEMBERS/MODS/ADMINS: Speak courteously, politely as civilized persons. Do not use rude, vulgar or insulting words in your posts.

    6- BOARD LANGUAGE IS ENGLISH: Do Not post messages in any language other than English.
    All posts should be posted in ENGLISH language ,if you have difficulty with this please use an online translator and add English translation.

    7- FILES SIZE: rar and zip files less than 15 MB should be uploaded on forum server, files uploaded to an external sharing host server must have the link non coded: rules below..

    8- RESPECT FORUM RULES: Any member who does not respect these rules, will be the subject of a ban from this forum.

    9- BE RESPECTFUL OF THE LAW . This means no upload of any illegal activities, copyright infringement, or pirated intellectual property. Applies to Garmin and Tom Tom Maps

    10- GENERAL RULES for creating threads and posts .
    a) Before creating a new thread or post you should read the rules in Rules section .
    Post in the right section.

    b) The thread title should be more informative as possible. In the body of the post , give a detailed description of posted files or your problem.

    c) Choose a prefix to allow members and guests to have more informations about your post.

    d) It is very likely that your question has been discussed previously use the search engine. You can use search by Tag cloud too
    If you find a topic that matches your problems , you should not immediately write a post. It is very likely that your problem has already been discussed and a solution is posted in thread . Be sure to read the starting post. Don't ask for already requested stuffs.

    e) Creating duplicate post is forbidden. If you have accidentally created a post in the wrong section , do not create a similar post in another section. send a private message to moderator - he will move it in the correct section . Don't cross post (the same post in more than one thread).

    f) Roughness , rudeness , insults are not allowed. It is forbidden to provoke conflict , as well as response to provocation. If you think you have been insulted report this fact by pm to the Moderator . He will take the necessary measures .

    g) In the title and body of the posts is forbidden writing in ALL CAPS.

    h) it's not allowed the use of slang and abbreviations in threads titles . In the title you should use the original name of a,map, program or device: this will facilitate forum search .

    i) It's forbidden to create Off Topic posts not involving thread discussion , or involving personal correspondence with a particular member of the forum , including advertisements personal correspondence. Or use of the private messaging system to achieve an income from the selling of product or help, this will get you banned.

    l) Dont write personal wishes , such as " Help. Urgent !". If members know the answer to your question, they will respond regardless of "urgent"in title.

    m) Pure thanking posts and answers consisting only of smileys, meaningless, useless posts, repeated requests are not allowed and will be deleted without any notice.

    n) It is strictly forbidden to discuss the actions of the Staff. If you disagree with the Staff actions , please contact our Admins. The complaint will be investigated.

    o) Publication of personal ads for the purchase , sale or exchange of devices ,maps, accessories and other stuffs, is not allowed.

    p) If your have a REQUEST or a QUESTION ,dont open a new thread, but please post in Discussions or in Firmwares sections or in the related software or map thread .

    11- GPSPower.net does not support advertisment of other English speaking concurrent forums (subject to the decision of Administrators And Moderators).


    Regarding links generally, read this thread: [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]. Code anything not allowed as direct, for example like this:
    Please Login or Register to see the links
    - Other links must appear as a normal (direct or 'hyperlink') url like this:
    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    adf. ly domain is banned, Google considers it a spamming site linking, so it would penalize our threads indexing in its search.

    GPSPower's Administrators, and Moderators will reserve the right to edit, delete, or move any post on/off the forum without notification as required to ensure that the primary functions of the forum are maintained.

    Being here , you agree to be guided by these Rules.
    All the posts express the views of their authors. Administration opinion can not coincide with the opinion of the authors.
    This Administration reserves also the right to update those rules if necessary.

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    Forum rules updated :

    We dont now allow uploading copyrighted materials. This means no copyrighted softwares . We only accept Free programs and tutorials .




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