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    ☼ADMIN☼ Reputation System
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    Default Reputation System

    You can thank/Comment/etc a member for his/her post and contribute to our members reputation in this forum.

    If you would like to express your thanks, etc simply click on the "STAR" icon next to LIKE button and can post your appreciation.


    Reputation Level will show us the Quality of Member and his Posts ,
    A members reputation power will be displayed just below their post count in every post.

    Members can view the Reputation Points received in their control panel.
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    GPSPower Helper Reputation System
    Reputation System
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    weel How the reputation system works:

    I miss this explanation:

    The old system of reputation, used in Noeman, still functional, but only yourself see it in `Settings`. When you complete 200 points, in the actual system appears you got 1 point (it have a reduction to 0,05% of the old rep power). Still only in the old system (that appears only to you, in settings), if you earn a like, you get 1 point.
    Yourself is who give the reputation, but you must have reputation enough to can give effective reputation or the value add to the user is zero.

    Your reputation up power is 0,05% of yours, or 1 point for each 200 points of reputation you have.
    And your reputation down power is 0,025% of yours, or 1 point for each 400 points of reputation you have.
    The message you add when you give reputation appear at the side of the notification of reputation to the user. I see it like a private message, however, the user only know who gave the reputation if you identify yourself. They are signed by a square, green to reputation up (or rep+), red to reputation down (or rep-), and grey to neutral reputation (occur if the user who gave reputation don`t have at least 200 points of reputation, or 400 in the case of reputation down; in the old system).

    Best regards to all!
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