Martis :program for Win32 platform to create and edit GPS vector maps

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Martis is a software program for the Win32 platform to create and edit GPS vector maps visually with the focus on Garmin® devices and maps.

A special attention was given to ease of use. If you ever worked with a vector graphics program you'll be familiar with creating Maps in a minimum of time. You just have to draw some lines and points. However, the creation of GPS maps is not a trivial task and it takes a lot of time to create a good map even for a small area.

With Martis you can:

Create new Maps for your Garmin® device.
Import and edit existing maps from various formats and sources.
Download Maps from OpenStreetMap.
Edit maps just like as in other vector graphics programs.
Capture position data from a connected GPS device and record tracks.
Calculate short and/or fast routes.
Load, edit, save Tracks, Waypoints and Routes from/to different formats.

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Version T29 27-08-2011
Auto update checks MD5 sum of setup file before installing.
Minor changes.
Customizable Date/Time format in World Time window.
Lua Add in: Added Shape:IsCodeValid() function to test a shape for valid code.
Convert: Coordinate System action.
Lua Add in: Update to Scintilla
View: Remember and Goto Locations in Editor.
Layers have a new property, Compile to in-/exclude particular Layers permanently in/from compilation.
Added support for custom section and custom header fields in Polish format files.
Text in map is outlined (by default), should improve visibility of text. Turn it off in the Options Dialog: View. North Arrow is no longer covered by the map.
Added Hide Known, Hide Unknown View actions, to hide objects with un-/known code.
Added support for Webcams, take and insert pictures.
Fixed some bugs (e.g. AV when searching).