Simply, it is a tool which help you to extract selected piece(s) from large map(s) and load it(them) into your Garmin GPS for minutes. This will change the speed of map refreshing on the screen and certainly you'll not miss next turn waiting to see where you are :-) This software can be used also as map data preprocessing and postprocessing tool for cGPSmapper - Garmin MapSource creator.


Decrypt simple crypted maps (if needed)
Convert img map file to polish format
Extract selected map window from large maps
Include or remove selected points, polylines and polygons
Extract or remove selected map levels
Convert any map object type to another
Change the map name and map ID
Convert map from polish to img format
Map preview - before and after any conversion
Send map to Garmin GPS (or set of multiple maps)
Tools to import/export DBX files from/to MapDekode (not finished)
Tool to create intersection point of all streets from level0
Tool to split large maps automatically
Change map ID of IMG files


MapExtract allows splitting large map, starting from img format, converting the map to polish text format (cGPSmapper source format), extracting selected or removing other map elements, convert object types, changing the name and map ID, conversion back to img format and finally send the result map to your GPS. At any time you can see the map (using GPSmapEdit viewer - editor). Optionally you can use MapDekode to convert the map from/to img format. MapExtract includes tools dbx2mp and mp2dbx to import/export dbx files

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