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    Hi, I'm planning a trip by car from Norway to Alicante,ES the next weks and thought I could get my Streetpilot 2720 updated with newer maps..Downloaded CN 2016.20 installed it in my Garmin folder, run it in Mapsource 6.13. and everything crashed....had a lot of maps in the Gamin folder .. usa, atl, europe and more ....no ones comes up...
    To make it easy for me..can someone please upload a set of open maps covering the route...Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Italy, Andora, Belgium, Holland to give max upload size of 1,7 or1,8 Gb incl. a newer that Mapsource 6.13.7 or newer that will work.. I will then try to get that onto a 2 - 4GB memory stick and transfer it directly to my 2720 .....If You have any detailed tips on who I should do this ....please let me know ..... 28 Hours on the computer now trying to get this done...I'm knackered :-(

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    Please note that the StreetPilot 2720 is not suitable to be used with NT type maps.
    Further, the internal memory of this device can only hold 750 MB of data.
    Using this device on your trip is already a challenge in its own...
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    Quote Originally Posted by smokefree View Post
    Please note that the StreetPilot 2720 is not suitable to be used with NT type maps.
    That's for sure the official line from Garmin for StreePilots generally. SP 26x0 and earlier certainly can't use NT therefore they remain limited to OF [Old Format non-NT, none issued after 2009] so better now to use free OSM for them. In my experience 27x0 can handle modern NT mapping just fine quite despite Garmin now stating on many NT map pages that StreetPilot models [without distinction] are no longer compatible with NT maps. I have a North American 2720LM and can still update it with MapUpdater or MapInstall but nowhere near all of NA will fit of course.

    nordicgreybrad [aka 'knackered'] Biggest problem and challenge maybe is your previous attempt to use MapSource for compiling an img file from a modern NT gmap folder. The algorithm in MS for building img files is simply often no longer up to making NT images, mostly it will compile the image but you may get routing errors or even freezing or crashing of the device. Switch to MapInstall but you should get some sleep first i reckon, lol. [my gratuitous advice is worth what i charge for it ... ]. [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] and [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    If you want to go down the direct img-loading path, read this thread carefully again. I'm aware you posted in here [#6, #11] about 5 years back and it seems your 2720 is an NA model. Regardless, i believe your best way is to build the image yourself with MapInstall and then send it directly to the 2720 as the supplementary map. You may want to get rid of any existing primary map first to create maximum available space for the supplementary map because that should give you much more than the ~750MB normally available over and above that which is limited by an existing primary detail map. Although they are contained in different regions [primary is in 49 and supp in 10], those regions share space on 27x0 and similar units. So deleting one of the two detail images will give you more space for the other. More reading here: [Only registered and activated users can see links. ], from Page 4 onwards. Another way to flash an img file to these units is as an RGN file with updater.exe which is mostly useful for changing the basemap in region 3 [hex 03] from Americas>Atlantic, for example. See [Only registered and activated users can see links. ], but that method can also be used for detail maps. Be aware that RGN files are flashed to regions as hex rather than dec, so dec 10 = hex 0A and dec 49 = hex 31 for example. Seek more advice if you wish to be adventurous with that, but i say again you're best to use MapInstall and build a supp map yourself.
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