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    Default TomTom Truck on tablet

    Allright, So im quite new at this and tried the search function of this forum, but still no joy of what I want.

    But here the question:

    How to install a TomTom (preferably truck based) programm on my tablet (samsung Tab A 2018).
    I know there is the tomtom go App from the store and also bought the Truck map in the TomTom store... So I guess the basic things I need are there...
    - I cant download the map from tomtom mydrive... since it states the order is still in progress (But I paid in full for it already by Ideal)
    - And then how to get the map to work on my tablet?

    Maybe im thinking to difficult and there is already a step by step thread about it..
    If so, could someone post the link to that thread in the comments?
    If not, Im really looking forward for some answers...

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    TomTom Expert TomTom Truck on tablet
    TomTom Truck on tablet
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    You really need to ask this in their own forum here [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] because I don't think there are any tricks involved which we could maybe have helped with.

    ...or even contact them direct:- [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
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