Extract the meta

If you have original TT, map, voice, premium radar, etc ... They want to share in the forum sera Necessary Remove the meta of ESE original file code file.
To extract the file meta Download esta simple program:

Extraction meta
[Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
[Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

Extract the file.
Copy the file RunMeforCode.exe
Paste it in the folder of your map within the gps.
Runs RunMeforCode.exe a CMD window opens.
When finished you indicate the path where you have created a text file called Meta.txt. If you open the text file you'll see the meta code of your map. That's the code you share with the forum.

To share the map and upload it to a server (zippyshare, mediafire, sendspace, etc) this tutorial can help Share large files

If you want to help a fellow to extract their goal and are not in contact with him physically you can do so:

We take the map Western Europe 890.4238
Your activation files are called Western_Europe-575.meta and Western_Europe-575.meta.dtc

The person who has the original map copy files to a folder activation map and the ttgo file for the map gps and compressed in rar.
Send this archive to another person doing the extraction.
The person making the extraction unzip the file in the root of your hard disk running the folder with the files inside:


We took the ttgo folder to the root of the hard disk (normal functions without removing it).
RunMeforCode.exe We put the file in the folder with the files and execute activation.
We create the text file with the target and go.

Note: The ttgo is not essential to have the serial number that is on the ttgo in line DeviceSerialNumber = be enough. Pasting that number to any official ttgo the same, the program RunMeforCode only need the serial number of gps for which the map was purchased to extract the target, does not use DeviceUniqueID = or other data ttgo.