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    Default Three steps to map heaven

    Three steps to map heaven

    Iím not going to show all the links & examples of the necessary actions below as they are already well documented and detailed elsewhere but there are basically just three steps to getting your new map(s) up & running.

    1. Maps/premium speed cams/premium celebrity voices

    Each and every map/premium speed cam/premium celebrity voice needs to be activated/c racked by using one of the c racking/patching tools to add a new meta.dct file (AND a new tmeta.dct file for the Truck map) to your map folder and/or voices folder, which will be unique to YOUR device.
    Look at [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
    before asking for help, paste YOUR current configuration into your help request.


    2. Navcore (application/software)

    Each navcore will need to be patched to recognise your new c racked/patched map(s)

    2a) If you use a map which is compatible with the correct & current navcore then you can use one of the c racking/patching tools to create/overwrite the ttsystem file in the root of your SD card or internal memory.

    Remember, if you change the navcore or update it through TTHome then you will need to patch that new navcore as above.

    2b) If you want an incompatible map/navcore configuration because you want a different map or different navcore because you like the pretty colours or like the later GUI etc then you need to use an SE or other pre-patched navcore.


    3. TomTom Home

    To be able to use TTHome in emulation mode (Operate my Go) to pre-plan journeys etc then you will need to patch the TTHome .dll.
    When you first run TTHome with your new navcore it will download a new .dll file. Once thatís done you can THEN patch that .dll to enable TTHome to see your device correctly.

    Remember, if you change the navcore then you will need to patch that new TTHome .dll as above.

    Note this TTHome emulation is only ďpartiallyĒ available for the Work/Truck-specific navcores so you cannot fully run this emulation mode in TTHome for these navcores.

    One more thing to note (actually two things) to take into account IF you are using an SDHC card and thatís that you use an SDHC campatible card reader (some of the older ones do NOT read/write to these cards) and that you use a suitable bootloader (system file) the minumum which is version 5.5012

    Thanks to biggerdave

    The latest version of FastActivate to patch your Navcore and activate your map(s), voice(s) and so on can be found [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] - always update in the first post!
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    A usefull overview for those with no experience in this field.
    I would prefer more links to the tools you need.

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    I agree. That would definitely be useful!

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    TomTom Expert Three steps to map heaven
    Three steps to map heavenThree steps to map heaven
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    Quote Originally Posted by pandapanda View Post
    I agree. That would definitely be useful!
    It's all here [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
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    PS If you find any dead links on MY posts please pm me & I'll try to fix/reload

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    Why would it be useful to have many links to many tools?
    I added the link to the FastActivate thread in the first posting, that should be all you need for your TT
    Password for all my files: downunder



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